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We offer you sharpening of tools for metal, wood, polygraphic industry, food industry, etc.

We grind the tools on a modern WALTER HELITRONIC grinding machine with oil cooling. We also grind the tools needed to produce wooden EURO-windows, plastic windows and aluminum frames. Modern CNC machines, good technological progress and long-term experience of our employees guarantee high quality sharpening and maintenance of your tools. At present, we use the most up-to-date VOLLMER CNC technology to sharpen HM saw blades and saw blades. This works with high precision and high oil cooling to ensure a high quality sharpened edge of the sawtooth.

We also provide sharpening and sharpening of modern diamond (PKD, PCD) tools. On the VOLLMER QM machine, we cut diamond tools that are then weighed to G2.5. We use CNC technology from the German company REFORM to sharpen and knife blades. We use IDEAL to weld the saw bands. There are machines from leading manufacturers such as, for example, WALTER, FANUC, MVM, VOLLMER, WIDMA, UT-MA, REFORM, IDEAL, STEHLE, TOS, ACCUTEX, FLOTT and others.

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